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Welcome to Octy's API. This API can be used to access all of Octy's retention toolchain API endpoints. The Octy API is organised around REST. All requests must be made over an SSL protocol.

All request and response bodies are JSON encoded, including errors.

Each response will be returned with:

Explore the Octy API with our Postman collection:

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Base URL


Version info

Octy API :  **v1**
Octy API build : **v6.0.3**

Resource prefix

Retention tool-chain api prefix : **/v1/retention/**


2 API Keys, Public_key and Secret_key, are generated and sent to the account holder via email on the successful account creation. Requests are authenticated using HTTP basic access authentication. The Public Key must be provided as the basic authentication username and the Secret key must be provided as the basic authentication password. The Secret Key should be considered as a password as it allows full access to all account data and resource management and therefore must be kept secure and should only be shared with trusted, verified individuals/partners.

API Keys:

  1. Public_key (username)

  2. Secret_key (password)

Example API Keys

Public key

Secret key
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